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    Come say hello, and see why New York Magazine tagged us New York Ciys’ Best Dog Walkers!!



    Safety is top of the list. Professional boundaries, unparalleled customer service - loving what we do!!

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    Professional Dog Walking Services in New York City.
    Sherman Ewing and his Club Pet NYC Team of dog lovers provide professional dog walking and related services throughout Manhattan in New York City.
    We are committed to providing all of the expert care and attention you want and need for your dog(s).

    ClubPet NYC in Manhattan

    Financial District, Battery Park, Tribeca, SoHo, West Village / NYU, East Village, Chelsea, Columbus Circle, Upper West Side, Upper East Side...

    As dog loving professionals

    We serve the special needs of each individual dog and we schedule no more than three or four dogs on any outdoor walk. If you prefer, or if your...

    Pet Sitting at Home

    Club Pet NYC offers dog and pet sitting services at home for those who prefer their familiar home environment versus being sent to a kennel...

    Other Dog and Pet Services

    In addition to dog walking, Club Pet NYC is also experienced in feeding, administering medicine, assisting with housebreaking and training issues...

    We are very happy to go the extra mile

    Be it setting up vet appointments, attending training sessions, etc. And, we take pride in being a wonderful resource for many of the...

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    For your best friend

    Club Pet NYC is New York’s Best Dog Walking Service - emphasis on SERVICE.
    With 25 years of providing the very finest care to thousands and thousands of New York households from all branches of life, Club Pet NYC is in the unique position of knowing just what it means and what it takes to actually be the best.
    Safety is top of the list. Professional boundaries, unparalleled customer service - loving what we do!!
    Club Pet NYC has a company culture that embraces a team atmosphere. Our staff is family. We offer a benefits package that includes a very good health plan, and paid time off and a 401k plan. We have staff regular staff outings that forge a bond between staff members. Our culture helps us attract great people and promotes a high staff retention rate. Club Pet NYC carefully screens and trains all of our employees, and has regular staff supervision provided by a management team that is second to none.

    Our Management Team

    Our 4 person management team boasts 60 years of experience working for Club Pet NYC. We are built to go the extra mile - grooming visits, vet visits, house sitting - just ask, we have you covered. We want to help. We love to help.

    Our Clients

    Our clients include former residents of The White House, many New York A-Listers. This is simply a testament of the trust we have earned over the years. Our clients are hard working New Yorkers who want the very best for their beloved pets and that is why they chose Club Pet NYC. We understand that our pets are precious family members.

    Owner Says

    SO …. please come say hello, and see why New York Magazine tagged us New York Ciys’ Best Dog Walkers!!
    Look forward to hearing from you!!
    Sherman Ewing
    Owner and Dog Lover!!!


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    - John W
    Trusting your dog to another human being is harder than it sounds. And, there is no one I trust more than Sherman and the folks at Club Pet. They are dependable, thoughtful, trustworthy, playful -- and my dog loves them. What more could you ask? Seriously.
    - Laura N
    Club Pet has been a valuable service to us since we bought a puppy six years ago. Not only have they walked our dog faithfully several times a day, but they have taken him to the vet when he's been sick, to the dog groomers when he needed a bath & boarded him when my husband & I were away on business or vacations. They have given us dependable & excellent service & we couldn't do without them. They are friendly & personable walkers & our dog really loves them.
    - Jackie F
    Molly is what you might call a "high maintenance" dog, but the folks at Club Pet love her anyway, and she loves them...a lot. If I'm ever stuck at work and need an evening walk for Molly, I know I can count on Club Pet to be there for me.
    - David S
    Responsible, reliable, trustworthy - coming through in the clutch... I'm always covered w/Club Pet. Ringo loves his daily walks, and always comes home happy and healthy when I go away and place him under Club Pet's care.
    - Linda W
    Always dependable... If I'm stuck at work and need help at the last minute, Club Pet has always been there! It gives me great peace of mind to know when I can't be there, my dogs are so well cared for. Thank You, Club Pet!
    - Amanda K
    Two years ago, I used Club Pet in an emergency on the advice of a close friend who swore I wouldn't be sorry - and I've been using Club Pet ever since! Their honest and energetic walkers not only keep my dogs happy and healthy, I feel completely comfortable knowing they have the keys to my apartment. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
    - Jonathan S
    Club Pet and Sherman Ewing are essential partners in my New York city life. I work a stressful job with long hours and I have an elderly, sick pet, and I would not be able to focus at work without knowing that my beloved dog is in the caring, reliable and loving hands of Club Pet. Club Pet is available in every emergency and every crisis, and available with attention to my pet's needs. The daily reliable service, routine care, and extra attention when needed make Club Pet my essential partners. It helps that they clearly love what they do... I wholeheartedly endorse them.
    - Brad G
    Four years ago, soon after I moved to Tribeca, I was forced to find a new dogwalking service. After much frantic networking, I was lucky to learn of Club Pet. Sherman, Eric, Jose and the rest of the team have consistently proven themselves to be reliable, responsible and flexible. And, perhaps most telling of all, my dogs Lulu and Stanley greet them like long lost friends should they by chance be spotted walking some other quadraped down the street
    - Terrence M
    Sherman and the folks at Club Pet have been everything one could hope for in a dog walking service. Always pleasant, reliable and trustworthy, it is a major weight off my shoulders to know that my dog Maggie is receiving the best possible care. There are a lot of dog walking services out there... this one is proven! You can't go wrong with Club Pet!
    - Cindy S
    Our family has used Club Pet for many years, and we have never worked with more reliable people. We board our dog with Club Pet when we are on vacation, and we trust them totally. Club Pet has never missed a walk - it's a totally amazing record - and the most important thing of all is that you know they love your dog.
    - Kim L
    After several false starts with other dog walking services in Tribeca, I happened upon Club Pet - that was over 5 years ago and they have been walking my Wheaten ever since. Sherman and the people that work for him are all amazing - professional, fun and dog-loving. My husband and I rely on them 5 days a week for walks, in addition to the occasional feeding and/or weekend walk. They've always been there when we needed them in a pinch. I can't say enough good things about this service, particularly Sherman, Jose and Eric, the people I've had the most contact with over the years.
    - Richard G. and Nellie M.
    We have been using Club Pet to walk our beloved Watson for almost three years. Sherman and his staff have proven themselves to be extremely reliable, caring, and accommodating. Most important of all, our dog is happy!


    Charities, Rescue Organizations. Donation of proceeds? I think if I promote awareness with music benefits that raise awareness and promote donation that is enough. I kind of feel that any extra money should go to my staff.





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